Friday, March 23, 2018

Timeline of panmure


Recount about what happen yesterday.

Yesterday 21st of March room 7 did some craft it is called the paper mache, we made it with newspaper, water with glue. We made map of MT Wellington and the river also the hills. We have to make it stand and a bit tall.Then my group was finish and Miss Ashley said that we will paint it tomorrow.Then we had free time because we got nothing to do. We had lunch and come back and went to to sumdog. I like to do the 3d cannonball.

Compass activity 2- Where is our school

Compass Activity- Where is our school

Where is our school

WAL how to play Volleyball

Friday, March 16, 2018

Walk to Mokoia Pa

Today the middle syndicate went to walk around Panmure, first we went to the Panmure yacht club to look at the first bridge was made  but it is gone.The man who ran the ferry service was Hemi Pepene he made a punt,a punt is a type of boat but the boat is flat and you only use one stick.
Next we went to see the the concrete block that was part of the of the second bridge.
Then we went to the this is where Mokoia Pa use to be back in the 1800. Then there was Moari Man who was from northland.

Then this is the a information too.
and here is more info too

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Truss Bridge

This my painting that bridge is called the Truss bridge

Summarise about the bridge that goes to panmure to pakuranga (WALT write a summary of new information)

WAL about the bridge that goes to Panmure to Pakuranga

Recount - Beautiful ladies

On the 2th march 1852 there were beautiful ladies and their name was Elisa,Elizabeth,Emma,Lina,Lesa and the Mum name is was a fine beautiful day.

The beautiful ladies woke up and eat their breakfast, off to the bridge bringing their money with them. William Johnson was the toll keeper he is the one who let them pass the bridge but they have to pay a toll. William Johnson lives beside the bridge. They decided to go to Panmure to go to the dance.

The dance looks wonderful, the beautiful ladies dance together their Mum was doing a jazz and her beautiful ladies was dancing like a beautiful princess. After the dance they went back to the bridge and William said “how was your day ladies”. And the ladies repli “ it was a very fun and good dance. They walked to their house and eat their dinner and go to bed and they said “ahh goodnight”.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

WAL Different types of bridges

This is my groups bridge it is called the Truss Bridge
Dwyane, waiari,Maani, Summree and Ana

Monday, March 12, 2018