Friday, March 29, 2019


The skill that I am using for researching is using quotation mark. If you don't put quotaion marks when you are searching you get higher hits, if there is a quotation marks besides the word you will get less hits.

Keywords means using the only word that will help find what you are searching for. Keywords can help you so much because it doesn't waste your time writing the whole senctence just to find what you are searching.

I used the skill in the Web Res File & Who are you and Where are you going to find what I am looking for. When Mr D told us to use the quotation marks withn the works it really helped me finding the most helpful info I can get.

(Screenshot) or the impact of the quotation mark.

See the difference of the two research
Here is two of my search in th Web Res File

Search #8
With quotation marks on the outside
“Cars + cartoon + race + red”

Number of Hits = 79,700,000
Image result for Cars + cartoon + race + red
Without quotation marks

You see there is a lot of number of hits.

Lets see the next one with the quotation marks

Search #10
With quotation in between the words
“Collins” + “rank” + “crimes” + “ solving” + “mysterys” + “book”
Hit #1
Number of hits = 3,250

With quotation marks
See now then the last one. I added quotation marks and it gave me what I am searching for. See the impact of the quotation marks

The impact is when you put in the quotation marks with the words is it gives less hits, so the internet will only give you what you are searching for.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Yr 7 & 8 Reflection Blog-"key words" _DRL

Key words means to me is the one word that presents what you want to find out so it doesn't need to be a full senctence.

I have learnt that if you put the quotation mark at the end and more words you will have less hits, and I also learnt that robots will take our jobs too.

I am gonna use this skill when I am searching information or pictures. I am also gonna use this in home learning too.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Recount on PWC with the TOITOI book

PWC with the book TOITOI

ToiToi is a book full of great stories amazing arts owned by young writers and young illustator. The company of ToiToi is owned Charlotte. Charlotte came with five ToiToi workers but two of them work for PWC.

PWC is a company that teach kids how to spend money right and learn what insurance is what and insurance do to save your life. 

What I have read in the book is called Grief. Grief is a sad story about a boy's dad passed away and his super sad. In the book the question there is what is grief, well grief when your sad. In the page I read he is in a new room surounded by new classmates and a new teacher. It said in the book "would they notice my face sad", he said that becasue he is sad and doesn't want to deal with "are you okay" or "why are you sad". All the celebration without his dad made him sad

Thursday, March 7, 2019


How it is used in the text
My prediction of the meaning
Researched meaning

She smirked
Smiled a little bit
smile in an irritatingly

I blurted
She got off
say (something) suddenly and without careful consideration.

Until she was just shrill, metalic static
Left off
High pitched sound

Compare and Contrast

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Swimming with Room 7

It has only been the 5th week of swimming and teachers saw a great number of student improve their skills at swimming and some students have learn to swim. Glenbrae students have been learning to swim properly thankfully for our beloved teachers they have helped us a lot at swimming. 

Teachers have been helping us and telling us why we need to learn to be safe on water, first of all if you in the middle of the ocean float and swim to the nearest rock, second reason is when you are tired and your in the middle of the deep pool just float on your back to go to the edge of the pool, our teachers have also told us what we need to practice in swimming especially our breathing because some students stops in the middle of the swimming race just to catch his or her breath.

 Although some students weren't swimming they are still able to learn with their ears and eyes. Here are some picures of my class learning and improving.

We had a fun time at swimming!!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Beach Poem

Waves are waving
People are diving
Running wild
Children in styles
Sunset today
Sunrise tomorrow

Another day arise
I see light blue sky
I smell yummy a pie
Running like horses
On a Sunday morning
Catching a wave to surf
Image result for beach sunsetDiving in the water
Seeing creatures from the underworld
I am in a free world

Tomorrow my day will repeat