Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roller-coaster recount

On a nice morning in Germany it was Mimi’s Birthday, Mimi,Linda,John and their family and they went to Rainbows end and they saw a huge ride.First they went to the ticket booth to get a wristband to ride the rides.

Then they saw the roller coaster, Mimi and John raced to the roller coaster and get in line and Linda ran to Mimi and John, they were so tired running and then they got on the blood red cart and it terrified Linda. So Mimi, Linda and John click on their seatbelt “Click” .The red blood cart starts to move.

The cart sped forward and then backwards and then it sped really fast forward and they went inverted and veered to the left and veered to the right. John can see trees, cars,shops and houses and when they starts to went upside down everyone started screaming “ahh” and the cart were shaking, they can see people small like ants, they can smell hotdogs cooking. They can smell the old lady’s garlic breath and John and Linda both said yuck.

Then Linda and John feel so nauseous. MImi looked down and almost vomit. When Mimi, John and Linda  was so dizzy

Mimi said that was really fun I want t do that again next year.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Recount Kiwi-can first session

First day of Kiwi-can session

On the 13th feb 2018 Room 7 went to the hall for Kiwi-can. We met the Kiwi-can teachers and their name was Miss Latoya and Mr Matt. What we did first is we played Musical Bumps it was really cool then we did our Catchphrase

Musical Bumps is when you sit down when the music stops and when you didn't sit fast you out and when you are the last one standing you are the winner.

Next we played hangman so we went into 2 groups girls vs boys. We picked 1 person in each side and Miss Latoya tells them the word and there group has to guess and the first one to guess it is the winner and then there’s this other one this time you have to draw and guess.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dante's lunch

There was a dog. His skin was sandy brown and his eyes were golden brown and his tail were crooked. He crashed down to the cobblestone then he saw the bone, he was looking at the bone delightly, he licked his lips and ready to eat, so Dante stalked the bone very quietly and inhaled the smell of the bone. Then he licked the bone and crunch!, The bone he hold the bone with his tongue.

The  bone dragged Dante to the lady and slide at the table and all the people shouted “ ahhh” next Dante was dragged at the park after he was dragged to the graveyard, he was really nervous so he silently and slowly  creep to the bone and the white skeleton grab the bones and put back  to his arm. Dante looked at the skeleton and  came to chase the skeleton because of the delicious bone he had.