Monday, February 12, 2018

Dante's lunch

There was a dog. His skin was sandy brown and his eyes were golden brown and his tail were crooked. He crashed down to the cobblestone then he saw the bone, he was looking at the bone delightly, he licked his lips and ready to eat, so Dante stalked the bone very quietly and inhaled the smell of the bone. Then he licked the bone and crunch!, The bone he hold the bone with his tongue.

The  bone dragged Dante to the lady and slide at the table and all the people shouted “ ahhh” next Dante was dragged at the park after he was dragged to the graveyard, he was really nervous so he silently and slowly  creep to the bone and the white skeleton grab the bones and put back  to his arm. Dante looked at the skeleton and  came to chase the skeleton because of the delicious bone he had.  

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